Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Will Joan Walsh's Next Blog Post Be Titled? Vote In Our Poll!

Now that the DNC rules committee has voted, and it looks like Hillary Clinton has no chance at a nomination, what do you think Joan Walsh's next blog post will be titled?


Anonymous said...

Ah, haa-ha. Joan is JOKE. Seriously, she should be ousted and Glenn Greenwald instated. Is there anyone we can contact to get rid of Joan? She has lost her mind. Worse, she is playing mind games, and she knows that she is playing games. It's sick.

Anonymous said...

wow. this isn't funny at all. i was expecting so much more. but here's what i like about this: now all my friends and i - those of us who think salon is among very few outlets who are willing to admit there is more than one candidate for the democratic nomination for president (and one of them leads the other in the popular vote and i'll give you a hint, it's not obama)- we are going to do to you what you and your ilk to do joan - post hateful, vitriolic bile in the comments mocking you and yours.


moondancer said...

She is the reason I ended my subscription. I have supported Salon since its inception, but the Walsh 1.0 is the worst version.

As for her column title(I know what it is already): "Excellent News for Hillary"

Mr. Smith said...

My disappointment with Salon has nothing to do with Walsh's unwaivering support for Hillary Clinton - and everything to do with her appalling lack of candor.

Her Obamacidal demagoguery wouldn't have bothered me at all had she simply been honest about her political sympathies - and ambitions - from the start.

But Walsh has shown a consistent pattern of subterfuge, evasiveness and blatant dishonesty. As editor, she wields considerable power to skew Salon in whatever direction she sees fit, but doing so surreptitiously transforms a professional prerogative into an outright betrayal of Salon's readership.

For those who will automatically assume I'm an Obama supporter: I've been very critical of both candidates and support none of them, as I cannot do so in good conscience. I didn't vote in the primary and won't in the general.

To my mind, the U.S. government is beyond illegitimate and I refuse to cast a ballot for anyone who knows they will inherit an executive branch with "extra-legal" powers, and, in fact, have done less than nothing to prevent the extreme abuses of office which the Bush Administration, the U.S. Congress and the federal judiciary have normalized. My criticism of Salon is as a reader, not a voter or a citizen.

Congratulations to our hosts, Madame De Stael & Friends, for a creative approach to a vexing problem.