Wednesday, September 17, 2008's Joan Walsh: TV Trolling That Helps Get John McCain Elected

Joan Walsh appeared on MSBNC's show Morning Joe today.Bob Cesca at the Huffington Post noticed it, and wrote about Joan's appearance on the show today.

But he's not the only one who noticed. McCain/Palin campaign manager Rick Davis was watching, and we've managed to intercept his confidential memo to Joanie! (Click to read)


madamfauntleroy said...

Joan Walsh would be an apt replacement for Fiorino in the McPain campaign.

Walsh can now realiz her dream of the "typical" white woman just a heartbeat away from POTUS. Imagine. If not wiley Hillary, Palin would be just fine. Any woman in the White House is Walsh's ultimate goal. The immediate obejctive is to run Obama, that black elitist, intellectual, thinking person out of Dodge, so free people like Joan Walsh can look good in any anti-intellectual arena. Way to go Joan. You are a "typical" white woman supremacist. That's why they have you on TV.

stich said...

She sure is Walshy washy...that's all I'm gonna say.

stich said...

Check it out! Klytus has declared on Joan's blog that he "doesn't give a rat's ass what Walsh wants." Will this mean curtains for Klytus, with swift censoring retribution, for the latest of his most challenging of all taunts?

stich said...


I don't care about Sarah's electability

Or VP ability

Cos you see to me

The most important thing of all

Is her


Anonymous said...

I sure do hope that Making Fun of What Salon Has Become is not coming to a screeching halt. Joan Walsh is as twitty as ever and her analysis on anything is as grounded in unreality and whiteness as ever. Please do not stop

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