Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Inaugural Issue of The Parody

Were you a fan of back when it was a reliably liberal, beautifully-written literary magazine and political journal? Are you still longing for those good old days, as you wonder what the hell has happened to Salon lately? Do you sometimes blink your eyes a few times, hoping your vision will clear and you'll discover that you've accidentally landed on But sadly, no, it's actually still Salon. Do you wonder if Joan Walsh has a not-so-secret girl-crush on Hillary?

If you know what we're talking about, then we know you'll enjoy our parody of what has become. (And yes, we know that lately, Salon does seem to actually be a parody of itself -- except it's not funny.) On the other hand, our parody hopefully is!

Do you want to express those thoughts about Salon, their writers, and their editorial focus -- but you keep getting deleted off the letters section? Feel free to share your thoughts here!

And if you have your own Salonnoyances you'd like to see skewered, feel free to share your ideas in the comments, or email us now!

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GeorgeG said...

You bet. This is exactly what it's like to read Salon these days. (Except this one doesn't make me scream!!)

Knox Bronson said...

very funny. Well done! Thanks for giving a humorous voice to our frustration.

aaron said...

oooooohh, may i write an article about how obama supporters are totally sexist (and use words like "dark and funky") and conduct a severely unscientific poll of, like, seven "over-educated" white liberal women who will dole out anecdote after anecdote while admitting that they can't really prove this theory of sexism, save to say that it's, like, you know, a feeling? and then can we get 1,000+ liberals to tear each other to shreds like wild dogs in the letters thread? i mean, who needs littlegreenfootballs to talk about how malevolent liberals are when salon liberals themselves do it so much better, right?

hmmm? what's that? rebecca traister actually already wrote that piece already? why, you don't say.

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh. I needed that.

Anonymous said...

Keep going. I dunno how many hits you are getting everyday, but whatever it is, keep going. Joan Walsh's take on the ABC debate was ludicruous. To be fair, she has since been a bit less slanted in her writings.

Thanks for the laughs.

Rob Anderson said...


*stands and cheers*

This parody is long overdue. Salon has been slipping ever since the Dotcommage of late 2000, but at least David Talbot TRIED to ensure that it was as good as it could be given its finances.

Then he left and Joan Walsh took over and the "slip" turned into a precipitous slide to nowheresville. Thanks for offering those of us who morn the loss a way of chuckling through our tears.