Thursday, July 10, 2008

Can YOU Predict Joan Walsh' Next Blog Post Title? Vote in Our Poll!!!

Salon readers who participated in our last poll were able to quite amazingly predict what Joan Walsh would do! Now, it's your chance to do it again!!

She's back from vacation, she's given Obama her de rigeur blasting re: FISA, with a hint of Hillary worship. But what's next?

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stich said...

Alert! Alert! Walsh has closed the "Betrayed by Obama" letters blog as she felt many of the poster's comments to be too "offensive" for her. As the "Betrayed" topic had only been up for some few hours, this is a pretty interesting development to take note of, as it has come to a quick and sudden closed thread conclusion. I think the tide of anger at her anti-Obama as usual routine might be overwhelming her. Good. I hate her guts.

Villemar said...

Yep. She's killing her own golden goose.

She writes an entirely content free article that's basically a big pile of shit.

The worst of the worst deadender dung beetles come to feast; the Usual Suspects of Pumas, Nadir Cultists, and GOP Trolls come a runnin. But even the halfway articulate trolls have long since moved on. And anyone who used to be worth browsing her letters section is long gone, ie. hutman. So it really is the absolute bottom of the barrel

Joan is upset and closes the thread in a fit of pique. She's killing her own golden goose! I thought the plan was to generate page hits. If Joanie is too thin-skinned to deal with her own concern trolling, what then?

Oh well, if the MSNBC thing fails, which it apparently is, she and Traister can always go to work for Bacon Coniessuer Magazine.

I think this is really the end of Salon. Even Glenn Greenwalk has become useless now that he's gotten a case of acute FISA autism. I suspect he'll be in a rubber room 20 years from now, still muttering about the FISA bill while in a straitjacket.

I've changed my bookmark to: I can now entirely bypass that Bag of Ass that Salon has become, and go right to Tom Tomorrow and Rueben Bolling. I wish the both of them would move to another host site so I can truly sever all ties to that shitrag that Walsh has completly destroyed.

stich said...

Walsh Has created a concern troll Frankenstein monster. You don't have to be too quick to realize what happened to Dr. Vic.

Villemar said...

Walsh has created a concern troll Frankenstein monster.

Haha this is probably the most apt quote I've read this year.

Eight months completely summed up in eight words.

Bacon Conneseur Magazine, check your inbox! A prominent editor and her Girl Friday will be contacting you very soon.

Madame De Stael & Friends said...

You guys are hilarious!!!! Between concern troll Frankenstein monster and Bacon Connoisseur magazine....this may have to land in the Parody somehow!!

stich said...

Madame, anything I pitch repeated by Salon the Parody could only be a priveledge. Cos I'll tell ya straight out that I don't copy right shit, I'd just be thrilled if ya thought my words held some scrap of sharp wit.

Villemar said...

Your wish is my command! I'll send you a little confidential Joan memo I jotted up, feel free to post it. I don't have your mad photoshop skills, but hopefully you can use this material somehow!