Thursday, July 31, 2008

Salon Editor Joan Walsh Comes Clean About Her Support for Hillary Clinton

And that's why I was so vocal, so adoring of everything Hillary said and did, and so unfailingly critical, concern-trolling, and derisive of Obama. Because, after all, I know where my bread is buttered. I had to do what was right for ME!!!

Of course, you all know how I feel about Obama stealing the nomination out from under Hillary Clinton. It may be faddish and fashionable and clever to talk about PUMAs, but disappointed and disillusioned Clinton supporters are a force to be reckoned with -- and you can count me among them.

But, I have been forced to face reality, and, barring any "unforeseen events" -- note that I am NOT bringing up Bobby Kennedy here -- Obama will be nominated officially in just a few weeks.

Which is why I, Joan Walsh, must URGE the Obama campaign to seriously consider Hillary Clinton as his running mate. Why?

Even though she voted to authorize the Iraq War -- and then voted on Kyl-Lieberman to authorize war against Iran -- in her heart, she really isn't a hawk, because she's a woman.

Even though she allowed her surrogates -- including Bill -- to say and do all sorts of things that raise the suspicion of racism -- in her heart, she's really not a racist. How could she discriminate against anyone, really, because after all, she's a woman.

Even though she wouldn't concede for a long time, and kept threatening to take it to the convention, she's not really a megalomaniacal egotist. How could she be? She's a woman? Only men are megalomaniacal egotists (ahem...paging Barack Obama...)

Even though she ran a really awful campaign, let Ickes and Penn run it into the ground, went broke a bunch of times, hired and fired all sorts of people, and let Terry McAuliffe be her spokesman, she's really, in her heart, a wonderful fiscal/strategic/people manager. She just had a run of bad luck...because she's a woman of course.

Even though she didn't get the nomination, it's just not fair, and women deserve more, and so she should at least be VP. It's the least everyone can do, because women are treated so shabbily in politics.

And come on already. She had to stay married to a megalomaniacal egotist cheater for all this time, and be publicly humiliated more times than she can count. It should count for something!

And last but not least, given my unfailing support, shilling, and cheerleading for Hillary from the earliest days of her campaign, I am owed -- and I am owed bigtime. So I expect that if Hillary is the nominee, and the Democrats win, you're looking at the next Communications Director for the office of the Vice President!!!!

Maybe my dream of an office in the West Wing isn't going to come true (not yet, at least -- notice I'm NOT talking about John F. Kennedy here) but the Old Executive Office Building does has its own charm, don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

"Read the posts at Salon made by Anne Louise (ALG2008), the editor of Salon: the Parody "

And Joan Walsh also came clean on why the above link to Salon letters has been deleted. Since Hillary now does not stand a donkey's chance in hell to be even vetted by the arrogant interloper Barack, Joan made the executive decision to remove all letters from Anne Louise. There is a place for censorship today. At Salon, Joan just wipes the slate clean of all progressive dissenters. Salon is for Hillary - Hillary ALL THE TIME through 2012. All 18 million strong Hillanoids, send in $2 each and retire her debt. There will be some left over for Hillary to jumpstart 2012 after Barack gets inaugurated in January 2009.

stich said...

Wiped cleaned by the wrath of Walsh. One day your letters are stored in Salon's library of letters, the next moment they're all errased by one of our most truly important talking head commentators and social betters. Just remember when you surf on Joan's turf, for better or for worse, you really surf as a serf.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the Salon Parody is still humming along! More, more, more please! There is plenty to parody this week....but what else is new?

stich said...

What else is new? well for one, the PUMA people are presently being given a bath in Salon Letters. Tune into Salon and drop your own bomb.

stich said...

Speaking of PUMAs check this site out: