Friday, July 11, 2008

Salon's Joan Walsh Plotting Her Future

Salon the Parody is bringing you more insights into the inner workings of Salon, and its addlepated editor, Joan Walsh, thanks to special guest parodist Villemar.

Villemar was able to gain top-secret access to the files of Joan Walsh, and brings us this confidential memo that Joan sent, just last night in fact, to her protegé and sycophantic sidekick, Rebecca Traister.

So, thanks to Villemar for your top-flight espionage -- and parody -- skills!!

(Note: click the image to enlarge.)

3 comments: said...

Dear Villemar?....

Joan Wlash as "the Other White Meat"?

That's brilliant.

My guess is that you are also.


David Terry

stich said...

Yo! Vill! That gave me a knee slappin' kick assin' thrill! Walsh better keep those memos hidden from sight, before Puma's stealth alliance is discovered, to be courting the right. Cos we know that with Walsh's ongoing, daily, trolling concerns, the only thing that's ensured, is that everybody burns. I am sick and tired of her profusion of confusion, if she can't present constructely crafted commentary, I hope her collumn suffers a contusion.

Villemar said...

Well thank you gentlemen. Really, though, a Salon parody pretty much writes itself these shooting fish in a barrel. Hey, did you hear, Farhad wised up and left the Titanic? His byline today: "Yo, I'm out." He's going to Slate. Guess someone else will have to take up the mantle of writing about the latest trends in swine technology.

Wonder who will be next?