Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joan Walsh's Yellow Pad: "Things That Outrage Me / Ideas for New Blog Posts"

We've managed to get our hands on editor Joan Walsh's legal pad, where she has apparently been making a list of ideas for upcoming blog posts, based on things that outrage her.


stich said...

The wonderful Carol Richards is back! I think Carol deserves a big warm welcome back from all of us. said...

For the first time I have to disagree (quite strongly, in fact) with your "parody."

I really can't imagine that Joan Walsh is "outraged" at turning 50 on an appallingly age-ist and sexist planet, or over Hilary Clinton's failure as a presidential candidate, or over(among several other situations and events you cite) the fact of Arianna Huffington's having managed to name-brand herself so winningly that even my East Tennessee mother knows who "Arianna" is.

That would be like saying Debra Dickerson is "outraged" by being a black female.

As far as I've been able to determine from their writings, all of the above-cited situations are, actually, the best things that ever happened to Walsh and Dickerson, since they would otherwise have nothing to say about anything.

For various reasons, I'm under the impression that they both realize this.

Warily as ever,

David Terry