Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hilarious New Yorker Cover Parodies Joan Walsh!!

Seriously, isn't satire ALWAYS hilarious to the cognoscenti!??


rwanderman said...

Ah, so no more satire unless everyone gets it. Great idea.

Hmmm, this entire web site would go away in a world like that, no?

Madame De Stael & Friends said...

Censorship? Of course not. Satire and parody should always continue!!!

But bad satire is bad satire.

And the New Yorker bit is sorry. As people have noted, if this was positioned, clearly, as some sort of Republican/conservative/wingnut wet dream, then it would be a "hah, not too funny, but ok" piece.

But it doesn't work as satire. Esp. as the "ignorant viewer" -- the one envisioning this image -- is not even visible in the cartoon.

Does it have a right to be published? Of course.

Do people have a right to suggest that it's a piece of crap? Yup.

Do people have a right to suggest that it is piss-poor satire? You bet.

Is it possible that it's helping confirm for even a few nitwits the whole "Barack is a Muslim" idea? Sadly, yes. (They're the ones still grappling with Saddam, his WMDs, and his being in charge of AlQaeda.)

Should stupid people be a reason NOT to do it, or to censor it? No...

But that doesn't mean that simply because someone did a crap piece of satire that has the potential to hurt Obama, that that we can't complain about it! ;-)

stich said...

There she is

The toast of New York

All hail Queen Joan

The high priestess of pork!

rwanderman said...

I am concerned that the Obama campaign will put up a PC wall that will make it more difficult for people like Greenwald to complain about his FISA vote without looking like a traitor to the cause.

That's what concerns me, not whether this particular cover is good or bad satire. I don't want the folks thinking about these things to be thinking strategically. I want them to do what they do and the rest of us can judge it any way we like.

Again, had Obama shrugged it off it would be dead by now (it may be anyway).

stich said...

The best remark I read anywhere about the New Yorker cartoon was that it was like an ironic fart at a wine tasting.