Thursday, June 5, 2008

C. Mosby: Obama Lunch Exclusive

June 5, 2008
With thanks to special correspondent C. Mosby, for this exclusive account, first reported in
"We have it from reliable sources that notable TV pundit and Salon editor-in-chief Joan Walsh managed to broker a private lunch meeting recently at an undisclosed Manhattan residence for presumptive nominee Barack Obama. According to reports, aside from Mr. Obama, the guest list included Hillary Clinton, Joan Walsh, Geraldine Ferraro, Taylor Marsh, and Harriet Christian. An anonymous source reports that Mr. Obama brought flowers for all.

This luncheon is reportedly just one of many Ms. Walsh apparently will be arranging for Mr. Obama to help shore up his constituency for the upcoming general election campaign. The details are still skimpy; but sources say that some of the agenda items included:

1. Reissuing a previously released Shorenstein Center report that concluded there was no evidence of disparate effects of sexism or racism on either of the last two Democratic candidate’s campaigns during the recently concluded primaries. The agenda item was proposed by Ms. Ferraro who insists this “flawed” conclusion is the result of “reverse racism”.

2. Presentation of a list of grievances that Mr. Obama needs to address as furnished by Anne Louise, editor of Salon’s spin-off publication. (List can be read here.)

3. Direct input to, and the right to veto, Mr. Obama’s choice for Vice President on his ticket.

We have been unable to confirm rumors that Ms. Walsh has been offered the position of White House Press Secretary in the event of Mr. Obama’s election; but most people agree that would be a logical choice considering the facility Ms. Walsh has demonstrated in dealing with those in the media. Mr. Obama allegedly praised the objectivity and fairness of Salon in covering his primary campaign, adding that the concerns frequently expressed by Ms. Walsh were key to the current status of his candidacy.

Not every thing went smoothly. According to unnamed wait staff at the event, Ms. Christian “came unglued” when an African American Secret Service agent attempted to “pat her down” upon her arrival, screaming “I am not a second class citizen”.

This was just the first of many appearances Ms. Walsh expects to be arranging on what she calls Mr. Obama’s “reach out to white America” tour. Next up, according to Ms. Walsh, a dinner engagement for Mr. Obama including herself, Bill O’Reilly and Pat Buchanan at Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem. Ms. Walsh admitted that she had a difficult time persuading Mr. Buchanan to attend until she and Mr. O’Reilly convinced him it would be safe with Secret Service protection and that the restaurant would be serving Corned Beef and Cabbage ala Harlem."

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