Friday, June 6, 2008

Joan Walsh: How Obama won me over

We are honored to bring you this brilliant contribution from guest parodist Xrandadu Hutman, a smart, funny and popular writer who is well-known at's letters column. Xrandadu Hutman has regularly offered polite but tenacious and energetically argued counterpoint to many of Joan Walsh's anti-Obama columns. Here, Xrandadu shares an alternate reality -- perhaps a future vision -- of Salon's editor Joan Walsh -- having transformed herself into an unabashed Obamamaniac.

Are we "hope-mongers" so audacious as to believe that maybe it could actually happen? (Feel free to leave your predictions, and your love for XH, here in the comments section!)

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david terry said...


You've certainly nailed the matter with this page.

Not to sound more than usually like the attendant, chamber-pot-toting monks in "Kundun"....but I think it was about 18 months ago when, for the first time, I looked over/through Traister's, Walsh's, Clark Florey's, (et al) business for the day...and it occurred to me "What job is it they want?"

Perhaps that was when I read,for the fiftieth or so time, about who-=was-FRIENDS-with whom (Walsh hearts Chris MAtthews....some other writer's GOOD FRIEND is Annie LaMott, who of COURSE told her all about her final visit to HER BEST FRIEND, Mollie Ivins....etc).....

For better or worse, I was raised in a family/environment where it was necessary to learn (early on)which pious little-worker-bee had already set his/her cap on a bishopric or, at least, a seat in the State House of Representatives.

My French-doctor boyfriend (who doesn't read, but certainly hears about it from me, every morning when he gets up) recently said "Well, of COURSE they're gutting the magazine...that's what's done in pharma before you make your move...anybody in business knows THAT..."

In any case, thank you for this site and thank you for today's article. For various reasons, reading Salon has come to remind of that Woolf remark (paraphrased here, of course) "My Dear?...they';ve got their claws sunk so deep into each other that, if you pulled them apart, they'd bleed to death...."

all that said, I do hope that various, recently high-profile Salon writers/editors get the jobs they want and just g-o a-w-a-y.....

By the way.....What the hell ever happened to Anger-Monger Debra "Serve Me My Food, not yo'Attitude!" Dickerson, by the way? Did she finally just self-immolate? I dint see it in the I wonder.....

Level Best As Ever,

David Terry

Shannon M said...

Excellent _and_ hilarious!!

Thanks so much again for cheering me up.

Shannon M said...


David Terry, your comments are consistently interesting--yet another reason why I would like a forum to talk more directly with other Salon readers in a relatively noise-free environment.

I really like your comment about figuring out what job a person wants, and your family training.

Do you think people are always really that coherent about their ambitions though?

Lori said...

Now THAT was worthy of The Onion! Kudos to Hutman.

Just joined up after Alex Koppelman finally laid the straw that broke the camel's back with his infantile post on Kucinich's 35 articles of impeachment. I am so happy to see the fine company here with Hutman and Slackie on board. I have been missing Slackie's reasoned logic and hilarious "bite" in the letters section and am so pleased to find I will not have to miss it any longer. My Salon membership is up in 60 days and I won't be renewing after the drivel I read by Koppelman today.

Lori (wedgewood58)