Sunday, June 8, 2008 All Hillary, All the Time

Hillary may be yesterday's news, but not at, where she's front, center, and the topic of nearly every story! Hooray -- Salon is staying on point, no change agenting there, and no pivoting allowed!!!
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dr von drinkensnorten said...

Nice dig on the letters outage.

Anonymous said...

Well done! What is Joan Walsh going to do without Hillary Clinton to write about? I think she is going to be totally adrift! "Hi, this is Joan Walsh.... Ummm.... I can't think of anything to say, but dig this funky music! And check out where I'm standing -- in front of a blue wall! Yeah, our green screen isn't working today. So anyway, let's talk about sexism." Ohhh, Walsh!

dterrydraw said...

Dear Mme. de Stael,

Je ne pense pas souvent que je suis original ou remarquablement créative ...... mais je ne me rendais pas compte que "Toute la Hilary tout les TEMPS!" était une expression qui était devenue un cliché (en regard de "Salon.Com").

J'avais supposé que j'avais inventé l'expression quand je l'ai au commencement écrite. Je suppose ceci est qui ce que je mérite.
Combien triste .....

Je t'embrasee, comme toujours,.....

David Terry
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dterrydraw said...

ps.....I think that I just wrote some pretty good french, given that it's 2 in the morning here in North Carolina, and I'm working on a blood alchohol level of 8.7 or something close to that.

Love, or what you will,

David Terry
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Anonymous said...

Translating David Terry: "I often do not think that I am original or remarkably creative ...... but I did not realize that "All Hillary all the time!" was an expression which had become a stereotype (compared to "Salon.Com"). J' had supposed that j' had invented the expression when I l' have at the written beginning. I suppose this is which what I deserve. How sad ..... I am embarrassed, as always."

That's what Babelfish translated it to.

rwanderman said...

Another great one. You get better and better. Love the wires, lots of nice tidbits in there. Love the fact that just a few links on the left are followed (looks like my Salon front page as well).

Keep it up, we're all with you.

dterrydraw said...


Watch out for Babelfish. Recently, I was lazy and simply entered a rather idonatic statement by Catherine Denueve (regarding her son, whichmakes the translation rather alarming). Babelfish translated her remarks as "My son? It has gotten too big. It can feed itself. It makes its own money. It is too big now to be on my hands...."

She was discussing his vocational andfinancial independence, but you wouldn't have gathered that via Babelfish.

Advisedly yours,

david terry