Sunday, June 29, 2008

Letters -- Joan Gets Letters --'s Joan Walsh Fields Letters Galore

One of the most exciting parts of is the invigorating back and forth exchange that takes place in the "Letters" section.

Frankly, here at Salon: The Parody, we can't get enough of the wonderful letter writers over at Salon, especially the intrepid folks and fans who post letters in response to editor Joan Walsh's blog posts.

Now, there's no need to even go to the letters section.

You can experience the wonders of Salon's letters section vicariously, right here, at Salon: the Parody. Join in the fun now!


rwanderman said...

Oh boy, where to start... Maybe best to just enjoy.

Well done.

Villemar said...

Heh that's pretty dead-on! Especially liked the inclusion of the batty, incoherent Irish crackpot Maureen O'Donnell.

The hits just keep on coming.

Anonymous said...

I hate women

Blacks too.

--Gustatus Similis Pullus

It wouldn't be a letters section without 50 one liners from that name changing bitter attention whore.

rwanderman said...

...but, if I read things right, many of the folks who frequented Joan's comments threads are laying low now or have moved on.

I wonder what this looks like to Salon management? I wonder how this will translate into Premium sales drop offs? Unfortunately, I bought a two year Premium upgrade last time so while I can stay logged out, they've got my money. I asked for it back in the heat of the primary stating that Salon had changed so much under Joan's editorship that it was not the online magazine I subscribed to a year ago. I never heard a word...

I will not subscribe again in a year unless Joan is gone, replaced by someone more even handed.

stich said...

O'Downnell is a lecturing repository of blathering verbosity, and the final last word in mathriarchal pomposity. Some old Salons letters hands say she's an Irish Catholic nun, which might be accurate, because she's just so much damn fun...