Thursday, June 12, 2008

Write Your Own Joan Walsh Blog Post-omatic editor Joan Walsh can take a well-deserved vacation.

That's because the "Write Your Own Joan Walsh Blog Post-omatic" is here, to take over the important job of writing Joan's blog posts for her!

Try it yourself! You may have a future as Salon's editor too!!

I am very by Barack Obama.

Despite running her campaign, and having the Democratic nomination her, Hillary still had the graciousness to Obama.

And despite , Obama will be the Democractic nominee in August, unless, of course

Of course, in the meantime, I am subjected to the scorn of , which pains me greatly. Because I have taken great care to be in all my primary coverage.

And I'd like to close by saying that the most important issue, bar none, of the primary is, without a doubt :

-- Joan Walsh


dr von drinkensnorten said...

Not quite as much fun as this:

Anonymous said...

Awesome use of drop-down menus! Thanks for thinking of new formats for making fun of Salon! Your confidential letters, your troll of the week, your polls, your fake home pages, your fake columns, and now this.....all brilliant! should hire you just to keep them in line!

rwanderman said...

Another great one. In all seriousness, I had the thought that Joan was "Televisionised" a year ago. Her writing comes across like she's talking on TV: dumbed down, provocative, and designed to anger. Perfect for cable news.

I think you're on to something with the MSNBC piece but the real question is, would she go to FOX if they offered?

Anonymous said...

Why is Joan Walsh selling herself out by becoming a TV pundit? Isn't it enough just to do a good job editing the web site? I think she has been spreading herself thin and letting Salon run on auto-pilot while she runs around trying to become the next....whoever.

Madame De Stael & Friends said...

Dr. VD -- that Obamaquotemaker is pretty funny!!! Not as inspiring as the real thing ;-) but pretty funny.

Anon -- glad you like it!

Rwanderman -- Joan is really desperate to be a cable pundit. She's not really a journalist, and she's not an especially good or insightful writer. As we can see, her skills at piloting Salon leave a lot to be desired. So really, the best thing for her would be to get her own Hardball-esque show. Frankly, the time is right for her, I'd be surprised if she doesn't move on it pretty intensively right now. (continued next post...)

Madame De Stael & Friends said...

The time is ripe for Joan to get her own Hardball "pundit" show to host, with all the focus on women in politics, and sexism and all. Call me the great Karnak, but I predict Joan's going to get her own show. She'll also announce a book deal within the next six months. (something about sexism). Mark my words!

Villemar said...

Maybe an Oxygen pundit if the MSNBC thing doesn't work? Or maybe a writer for Lifetime? I can see it now: Meredith Baxter Birney in "Not without my Delegates"

dr von drinkensnorten said...

Sure, she could go on Oxygen.. but, isn't the point of having your own TV show to have people watch it? The same goes doubly for Lifetime.